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In the 888poker Magazine, you’ll find a wide array of content to suit any poker player’s needs. From beginner strategy articles to the most advanced in-depth analyses, it’s all here.

888poker has designed a Poker Guides section to help players navigate the poker world and get complete and concise information on hot poker topics. Use the Poker Tools articles to brush up on your poker maths and familiarise yourself with poker odds.

Here, players can get information on all things poker-related, such as poker chips, cards, and tables. 

You’ll also find up-to-date news on our 888poker ambassadors and the latest promos at 888poker, including special offers.

888poker Poker Strategy

Psychology vs Solvers! Should You Play Your Opponent or Play the Cards?

Psychology vs solvers – is it more critical to follow GTO or exploitative strategies in poker? 888poker investigates both sides of this puzzling question.

Top 5 Recent Poker Scandals

The world of poker can be a dark, murky place where cheating festers. We’ll examine the top 5 scandals that have tainted the industry over the few years.

Using GTO Strategy Solutions to Adapt to Wonky Donk Bets!

Many players complain that GTO solutions don’t combat weird donk bets. Discover how understanding GTO solutions can counteract strange plays in the game.

How to Perfectly Defend vs 3bets

Knowing 3bet defence strategy theory can go a long way towards boosting our confidence when facing them. Let’s consider the basic principles for defending.

How to Spend More Time in the Poker Zone

How do you deal with the boredom that can sometimes accompany poker? Learn how to eliminate stagnation and maximise your time in the poker zone.

Hit the Microstakes Poker Tables to Up Your Game!

A few years back, I had a conversation with a multi-millionaire. “I used to play poker,” he told me. “Until I reached a certain point financially, and it was no longer fun for me.” He became so rich he could no longer feel the rush.

How Poker Crushed the 7 Popular Video Games!

Many poker players are used to playing online away from the live poker tables. Online poker, including 888poker, is now played worldwide and is a significant part of the game.

Your Complete Guide to Poker Rake

In this guide to poker rake, 888poker will consider all aspects of rake. A solid understanding of rake can be the difference between winning and losing.

888poker Reveals Fantastic Live Event Stops for the 2023 Season!

888poker LIVE keeps the action going with our 2023 live events. We’re kicking off the year in Madrid with other stops in London, Barcelona and Bucharest!

How Reducing Work Stress Can Improve Your Enjoyment at the Poker Tables!

With so much stress in our working lives, Dr Tricia Cardner shares 12 top tips on managing stress at work and at the poker tables.

Top 5 Common Beginner Poker Mistakes to Avoid

Let’s consider a list of 5 common beginner mistakes outlined by 888poker ambassador Kara Scott. Read on as 888poker discusses them in more detail.

888poker is the 2022 EGR Poker Operator of the Year

888poker won Poker Operator of the Year at the 2022 EGR Awards. The swank ceremony was showcased at JW Marriott Grosvenor House, London.

Why Playing Winning Poker Is More Challenging than Ever!

Is poker seemingly getting harder and is it more challenging to keep up? In this article, 888poker investigates and offers a few tips for dealing with it.

Find the Perfect Poker Chip Set for Your Next Home Game!

The ability to easily find quality poker chips came with the explosion of poker in the 2000s. Finding a good set for battling some friends in your poker room is as simple as searching on the Internet.

The History of Dead Man’s Hand and How to Play It

What is the Deadman’s Hand? How did it get that unique name? The hand is generally regarded as two Aces and two Eights – AA88 – a nice two pair.

888poker Signs Brazilian YouTuber Cauê Moura as Cultural Ambassador!

We’re excited to announce a new member as one of our cultural ambassadors. Brazilian influencer and YouTuber Cauê Moura now proudly sports the 888poker patch and will represent the team both online and at live events.

Online Poker Tells: 7 Key Concepts to Keep in Mind!

Poker is a game of incomplete information. Gathering as many small clues as possible about the strength of an opponent’s hand can pay off in significant ways for players

Poker Hands Ranked – What Beats What?

This complete list gives you the full rundown of possible hands in order – from the strongest to the weakest.

Standard Poker Chips Values and Colors

Along with those playing cards, poker chips are a huge part of any game. Chips of varying colours can represent money in a cash game. They also use certain values during tournaments.

888poker Welcomes JaackMaate as Newest Cultural Ambassador!

888poker continues its 20th-anniversary festivities with the appointment of YouTuber & internet personality Jack “JaackMaate” Dean as Cultural Ambassador.

Should You Wear Sunglasses to Play Poker?

Ah, the age-old debate: to shades or not to shades? Whether playing poker for an entire decade or just a single day, you’ve probably wondered if you should wear sunglasses to the table.

The art of semi-bluf in poker

In poker, a semi-bluff is a bet made on the flop or turn where a player doesn’t have a big value poker hand currently, but can still win the pot in one of two ways

How to Play Short Deck Poker

Short Deck Poker has grown more popular in the last few years with cash games and tournaments in this format now played around the world.

Celebrate 888poker’s 20th Anniversary with 20 Amazing WSOP Poker Stories!

As part of 888poker’s 20th-anniversary celebrations, we sent ambassadors and qualifiers to play the 2022 WSOP Main Event.

What Are the Consequences of Employing an Exploitative Game Strategy?

888poker Ambassador Ian Simpson explains the consequences of exploitative lines and whether you should always stick to GTO game strategy.

Magnus Carlsen Goes From Chess Grandmaster to Bluff Poker Superstar!

Last month I wrote a follow up to my initial ‘Poker vs Chess’ article.

Get Started with Poker Solvers in 11 Easy Steps

In the modern poker world, poker solvers are a widespread topic of discussion. 

How to Control and Use Tilt to Your Benefit!

Tilt in poker means that we are not playing our best because of an issue with our mindset or mental game.

The Top SIX Must-See Las Vegas Poker Rooms!

No card player’s life would be complete without some poker in Las Vegas

Poker Bluffing Strategy

Bluffing is a significant part of the game of poker, as it can have huge implications on your profit margins and bottom line

Can Aces Hold Up in Multi-Way Pots?

Poker might be a lot easier when it’s you against a single opponent, but that’s not always how it goes down. What should you do when a pot becomes a party?

How to Play Pocket Aces

In this Pocket Aces article, 888poker shares the scoop on exactly how to play them. They might be easy to play preflop, but how do you play them post-flop?

Team888’s Vivi Saliba Reveals All About Poker Tells!

888poker Ambassador, Vivian Saliba, knows all about poker tells. Discover her secret trick and tips to reading them accurately.

Body Language: 7 Poker Tells You Need to Know

Body language, in the form of poker tells,is a great way to get information on an opponent’s strength/weakness. Find out how to use it to your benefit.. 

27 Poker Tactics to Crush the Poker Tables

To be a successful winner in the game of poker, you can and should be employing a plethora of poker tactics into your gameplay. 

Learn to Win More Playing Small Ball Poker

The term “Small Ball” was popularised by professional poker player Daniel Negreanu. What exactly does it mean? More importantly, can it be used to increase our earnings at the poker tables?

Which Pocket Pairs Should You Be Folding Pre-Flop?

A pocket pair in poker is always a good starting point for a hand.

How to Play Pocket Kings the Right Way

As the second-best starting hand in Hold’em, Pocket Kings are very strong, Learn how to play this hand, before and after the flop in various scenarios.

888poker’s All-Time List of Top 8 Poker Interviews!

Poker has a deep history and culture, and that’s part of what makes the game so enticing. It’s a game full of colourful characters, strategies, and constant changes.

How to Use Poker Pot Odds Charts

Learn how to use poker pot odds charts when deciding whether or not to continue with a drawing hand or calling that river bluff.

Top 15 Poker Memes

Memes are fun pictures, pieces of text or short videos that are shared on social media. 888poker combed the web for the Top 15 Poker Memes.

Gamer Tracks – the Most Popular Songs to Game to on Spotify

The music we listen to says a lot about our personality. We each have favourite artists and songs appropriate for different moods and activities which help us relax, concentrate or dance to.

Can You Name these TOP 16 Most Famous Poker Players in the World?

888poker counts down the Top 16 Most Famous Poker Players in the World. See if any of your favourites made the list!

Discover Your Next Set of Best-Value, High-Quality Poker Playing Cards!

No game of poker would be complete without playing cards. With your next poker game lined up, a couple of decks of cards will definitely be on the table. 

Did Any of Your Favourites Make our Top 9 Biggest and Best Poker Champs?

888poker counts down the Top 9 Biggest and Best Poker Champions. We’ve compiled the list based on several factors, including number of titles and longevity.

Counting Down the Top 7 Most Famous Poker Hands in History!

888poker count downs the Top 7 Most Famous Poker Hands in history. Some big hands have become the stuff of poker lore, and others cause bewilderment!

Vivi Saliba’s Top 4 Poker Tips to Cope with Running Bad!

Team888 ambassador, Vivian Saliba, reveals her Top 4 Tips on coping with downswings in poker. Check out her advice on how to survive running bad.

6 Texas Hold’em Poker Cheat Sheets to Shortcut Your Way to the Top!

888poker has compiled a selection of poker “cheat sheets” for players to reference during study or gameplay. These tips are geared toward beginners.

Quack! Quack! Learn How to Turn Pocket Deuces into a High-Value Hand!

Pocket deuces( a pair of two’s) can be tricky to play. Although ranked better than AK, they’re the weakest of the 13 possible pocket pairs. Find out how to play them right.

Open-Face Chinese Poker Is the New Popular Poker Kid on the Block!

Open-Face Chinese Poker, commonly referred to as OFC, is a variant of Chinese Poker. Find out how to play this recent popular entry into the online poker world!

Striking that Delicate Balance with Your Out-of-Position Drawing Hands

Avi Rubin dissects a hand where he holds Jack-Ten suited out of position. Learn from this professor of Computer Sciencethe nuances of playing a draw OOP.

Are You Playing any of the Top 7 Worst Starting Hands in Poker?

Follow along as 888poker counts down the Top 7 Worst Starting Hands in poker. Find out which hands you should probably avoid playing at all costs!

Top 7 Tips for Creating and Maintaining Your Poker Face!

Having a “Poker Face” is key to becoming a successful player. 888poker offers up7 helpful tips and tricks on how you can create and develop yours.

Blockers in Poker: Turning the Tables on Your Opponents!

888poker dissects the ins and outs of Blockers in the game of poker. Find out how using Blockers as part of your poker strategy can improve your results.

Your One-Stop Guide to PLO Poker Games

Pot Limit Omaha (or PLO, for short) is an action-packed, high-variance poker game. The format closely resembles Texas Hold’em with a few distinct differences

Taking the Mystery Out of the Nash Equilibrium in Poker!

The Nash Equilibrium is a concept of game theory, which can undoubtedly be used in poker. Find out how to improve your strategy with this theory.

Limit vs No-Limit Poker – What Are the Differences?

888poker investigates the differences between no-limit and fixed-limit betting structures in poker. Find out which game format is best for you.

Top 10 Poker Skills to Turn Your Losing Record into a Winning One!

Whether your goal is poker domination or you’re simply a losing player looking to break even, poker skills are the muscles needed to get you there.

Crush the Micro Stakes Tables with these Top 15 Poker Strategy Tips!

It takes skill and discipline to beat Micro Stakes games – even with the weak standard of play. 888poker lists 15 ways to be a winner at this level.

Is Stack Size More Important than Position, the Cards or Your Opponents?

888poker investigates the importance of stack size. Follow along as we show that this info is more essential than position, the cards, or your opponents.

Heads-Up Poker Strategy Guide – How to Play Heads-Up Poker

If you want to boost profits significantly, the world of heads-up poker games can offer considerably larger returns. Use this guide to find out how.

Turn Your Poker Goals into Winners!

888popker examines what goals are and how to set them effectively. Find out how to develop and reach your poker-specific goals at the table.

16 Essential Poker Betting Tips to Improve Your Game in Leaps and Bounds!

Check out 888poker’s Top 16 Betting Tips that will improve your overall poker game and increase the amount you win and reduce losses per hand..

Are These the Top 9 Poker Prop Bets Ever?

Prop or proposition betting is a type of side bet that has become popular with poker players. Follow along as we count down the Top 9 in poker history.

Head-Turning, Expensive Poker Chip Sets that Might Break the Bank!

888poker checks out the top seven most expensive poker chip sets on the market. Do you have the deep pockets to make these part of your next home game?

The Ultimate Guide to Poker Hand Nicknames Meanings

Poker has been played for generations and involves hours and hours at the table. Through the years, players have gotten creative with the cards and the game itself. 

Poker Terminology – Common Phrases & Meanings

Ever wonder about the meaning of that poker term that keeps cropping up? Wonder no more thanks to 888poker’s comprehensive poker glossary! Here we break down all of the important poker terms in depth.

How to Play Strip Poker

Strip Poker is a poker variant that centres around the fun and the hilarity of embarrassing your friends by replacing chips with clothing. Strip Poker is a fun way of adding a fun and/or naughty twist to your home-games.

Poker Tournament Chip Distribution

In a typical tournament, players get a particular number of certain-valued poker chips. That chip stack usually includes a few larger values, some of a medium denomination, and several lower values for the early stages when blinds and antes are low.

Best Poker Players of All Time

888poker endeavours to choose the top 12 poker players of all time. Follow along on our journey and see if you agree, or disagree, with our top picks.

20 Poker Charts That Every Player Must Know

The purpose of this comprehensive article is to serve as the only resource you’ll ever need to use in relation to the use of charts in poker. Consisting of contents ranging from bankroll suggestions to poker preflop charts to pot odds charts, this incredible resource has it all!

888poker Tools

Poker Calculator

Want to know how far ahead or behind you are in a Texas Hold’em hand against one, two or more opponents? Our poker calculator is the perfect medium for finding out the odds in any given situation. Simply plug in your hand, your opponents’ hands, and the board, and you’ll be on the way to figuring out your next move.

Poker Blind Timer

Welcome to the 888poker Timer! This new featured poker clock will up the fun factor in your poker games and reduce the confusion and time wasted fiddling with timers and relying on that unreliable mate to keep track of the blinds and levels. Players have just had enough of missing blind levels or skipping blinds. However, 888poker’s Tournament Clock has put an end to all that.

The Game – Interactive Poker Guide

This fun, interactive poker guide will teach you the basics for five of the most popular poker genres – Texas Hold’em, Omaha-Hi (Pot Limit Omaha/PLO) Omaha Hi-Lo, 7 Card Stud and SNAP poker. With easy-to-follow graphics, you’ll be able to understand the poker game of your choice in double-quick time

Poker Personality Test

Poker players and wide and varied species. From newbie to fish and whale to shark, how do you determine which category you fall into in your poker pack? This straightforward poker tool allows you to discover your true inner poker self and how you rate in your circle of poker friends.

888poker Podcasts – Kara Scott – The Heart of Poker Podcast

The Heart of Poker – Latest 10 podcasts – See all

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