How to Play Pocket Kings the Right Way

As the second-best starting hand in Hold’em, Pocket Kings are very strong, Learn how to play this hand, before and after the flop in various scenarios.

Pockets Kings are the second-best starting hand in poker. If you can get in all the money before the flop, kudos to you, as you’ll likely be ahead of your opponent’s range.

Many times, though, Pockets Kings are forced to see a flop. Whether it’s in a single raised pot (SRP) or 3bet+ pot, and for lesser experienced players, this can complicate things a bit at times – dealing with the post-flop play with high Pocket pairs.

  • Some keep going bombs away on an Ace-high board, trapped by the thought they deserve to win whenever they’re dealt Pocket Kings.
  • Others will continue to go head-long on dry boards vs tight opponents who just call. They could be more than likely to have a set given the preflop action, players’ positions, and board texture.
  • Others might even get timid with Kings and fail to be able to capitalise on getting full value with them when the right situation calls for it. They play too timidly and passively.