The art of semi-bluf in poker

In poker, a semi-bluff is a bet made on the flop or turn where a player doesn’t have a big value poker hand currently, but can still win the pot in one of two ways:

  1. They get their opponents to fold to their bet, awarding them the pot in the process.
  2. They can improve the strength of their hand on future streets and win at showdown anyway.

Flush draws and open ended straight draw are often hands that players can often opt to semi-bluff with, as they have little value when just a draw, but have decent potential of becoming a big hand if the right card hits.

Another example of a semi-bluff could include continuation betting on the flop with two overcards to the board, in which case the player could have up to 6 outs to get a higher pair than their opponent if their opponent flops or already has a lower pair.