How to Play Strip Poker?

Strip Poker is a poker variant that centres around the fun and the hilarity of embarrassing your friends by replacing chips with clothing.

Strip Poker is a fun way of adding a fun and/or naughty twist to your home-games.

When Panic! At The Disco said, ‘lying is the most fun [you] can have without taking your clothes off’, they clearly hadn’t run a strip-poker bluff!

What Is Strip Poker (SP)?

Strip poker (SP) is a poker variant that involves players removing clothing. The loser in a hand is required to remove a piece of attire as a forfeit. 

This poker format encourages the fun, risk, and the hilarity of embarrassing your friends. Best played after (and along with) a few decent helpings of rum as SP replaces chips with clothing. 

In poker, your chip stack is an indicator of scoring in regular poker. 

In strip poker, it’s the visibility of your right chest hair!

Getting Ready to Play Strip Poker

There are countless ways to personalise a strip poker game. Before you dabble with any of them though, you’re going to need to find – 

  • a deck of cards
  • some poker chips
  • at least one open minded friend

Technically you could play alone, but that’d raise a couple of serious questions:

  1. Firstly, if you’re sat in buff while clutching the wining hand, have you won or lost?
  2. And secondly, when’s your bus back to the asylum?

Once you’ve rounded up the essentials, you can clarify your rules and get started. (We’ll look at this in more detail later.)