Improving Poker Performance with Quality Sleep

Poker is not exactly an activity that is commonly associated with good sleep patterns.

Live poker games can often run far into the night. Online players may find themselves playing poker at unusual hours chasing a lucrative game.

Despite the above, a good night’s rest is one of the most effective tools in a poker player’s arsenal. For many, an improved sleep pattern could be one of the biggest upgrades they make to their poker game and even their entire life.

Is it possible to balance finding profitable poker games and getting good quality sleep?

Fighting the Stereotype

Not all poker players wake up in the afternoon and play until the small hours of the morning (although a number clearly do).

There is a modern poker professional that wakes up early (or at least during the morning), plays poker during regular waking hours and prioritizes healthy sleep patterns.

Many casinos are open 24/7 (or close to it) meaning that there are games running around the clock. It’s possible to play poker at a time that makes sense for us. Although there are likely peak times in terms of poker traffic, it’s not mandatory to be playing at the absolute busiest time.

Online poker players have even more flexibility; they can choose a room that has good traffic during their preferred working hours.