Online Poker Tells: 7 Key Concepts to Keep in Mind!

Poker is a game of incomplete information. Gathering as many small clues as possible about the strength of an opponent’s hand can pay off in significant ways for players. Particular movements or facial tics that give off information about an opponent’s hand are “tells” in poker.

They can pay off for those who know how to detect and use them to their advantage.

Recognising a tell at the poker table involves some experience and observation, but what about at the virtual poker tables?

Can online poker players find any possible tells from opponents in a game where physical movements and actions aren’t available?

Believe it or not, some online actions can help give away the strength of an opponent’s hands.

“I’d say that any tell that’s present online will be present live in some form,” says Zach Elwood, author of Reading Poker Tells and Exploiting Poker Tells.

“It’s generally the same dynamics. It’s just that there’s obviously much less behaviour to study online.”