How to Play Pocket Aces

In this Pocket Aces article, 888poker shares the scoop on exactly how to play them. They might be easy to play preflop, but how do you play them post-flop?

You square up your hole cards. Peaking at one, you see a beautiful red “ACE”!

Your body fills with hope.

1 out of 13 times, your second card will provide you with the most powerful preflop starting hand in Hold’em!

Peeling the second card, you see the emergence of a diagonal outline.

Could it be another Ace?

As you reveal your second card fully, euphoria instantly fills your soul. This is it! The moment that only comes around once every 221 hands.

You’ve been dealt Pocket Aces!

But now what? How can you maximise your potential winnings?

Well, in this article, we’re going to share the scoop on exactly how to approach playing pocket Aces. While they might be easy to play preflop, they can get you into a world of hurt post-flop if you’re not careful.