Is Online Poker Dead with the Evolution of GTO Solvers?

Is online poker dead? Has the virtual felt transformed into a perfect GTO (game theory optimal) environment? A place where robots battle it out to rob unsuspecting punters of their stacks?

This type of concern is becoming more widespread in the modern game.

And it all revolves around a simple question –

Is Poker Solved?
Does the advent of poker solvers signal that it’s time to find a new hobby?

Perhaps we don’t need to be so hasty; let’s consider the topic of solving poker in a little more depth.

Cepheus Solves Poker
In 2015, the poker bot Cepheus solved heads-up Limit Hold’em.

It’s entirely impossible for a human player to beat Cepheus over a large enough sample of hands.

This feat initially may have appeared as the harbinger of doom for online poker. But it’s crucial to keep things in perspective.