Turn Your Poker Goals into Winners!

888popker examines what goals are and how to set them effectively. Find out how to develop and reach your poker-specific goals at the table.

Setting Your Poker Goals

In its simplest terms, a goal is a desired outcome. Working in either the short or long term, they can be as general as the following – 

  1. “I want to lose weight”. 
  2. Or more specific like, “I want to lose 10 kilos by Christmas.”

A good goal is both as challenging and rewarding as it is specific. 

  • “I want to move up to X stake,” or “I want to play 30,000 hands in a month” are reasonable, feasible goals.

General goals are okay, but more specific objectives are typically better (which we will look at later). But being too specific can undermine the whole process. 

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