Six Mental Models to Simplify and Strengthen Your Poker Game Strategy!

Mental models are an overarching explanation of how something works. They can be a fantastic way in poker to simplify masses of information. Learn how!

We all know that poker is highly complex. With the advent of software tools like solvers, it is becoming even more evident that poker takes five minutes to learn but a lifetime to master (to quote the late, great Mike Sexton).

A fantastic way to simplify the mass of information available to poker players is to use mental models. But what is a mental model?

  • A mental model is simply an overarching explanation of how something works.
  • A mental model can be a concept, a framework or even a worldview that helps make sense of the world (or, in this case, poker).

Mental models are effective because they are simplified conceptions that can help you better understand what is happening around you. The ultimate goal of a mental model is utility. Using it can help maximise the probability of having a good outcome.