Top 5 Recent Poker Scandals

The world of poker can be a dark, murky place where cheating festers. We’ll examine the top 5 scandals that have tainted the industry over the few years.

It’s a bizarre irony that poker, with all its in-game deception and robbery, should rely so heavily on the morality of its players. But it’s also the reality.

Poker can only exist while people are sitting at the tables. So, the community works together to evict cheats, shame scandals, and preserve the game’s reputation. It’s a collective attempt to aid the longevity of poker by ensuring people feel safe enough to continue playing.

It’s a system that works too. Where else can you see huge loans tossed without a second thought or thousands of dollars left in a rack while someone goes to the bathroom?

Nowhere, right?

But it’s not always as squeaky clean as it seems. Being branded a cheat can ruin your reputation and see you slapped with lifetime bans…

But some players are still willing to take the risk.