How technology has changed the poker world!

As of writing, I’m flying home from a Chinese city named Harbin. The journey’s a little over three hours, but it wouldn’t have been possible a few hundred years ago. It’s -30oC in Harbin today, so I’d have probably turned to gelato en route. 

Instead of meeting a chilly end, here I sit, miles in the air, sweltering in the thermal underwear I wish I’d remembered to remove at the airport. It’s a clammy reminder of how fast technology moves on and how drastically things can change in the process.

There have been many technical revolutions in poker, but what impact have they had on the game? Let’s take a look. 

Introducing Hole Card Cams

One of the most controversial poker innovations was the introduction of hole-card cameras. Hole cams are tiny, concealed cameras that reveal players’ cards when playing on TV. Audiences see the players’ cards, allowing them to enjoy a more immersive experience.

RFID technology (an electronic-card reader built within the table) has replaced hole cams. But their initial introduction received was ground-breaking.