Heads-Up Poker Strategy Guide – How to Play Heads-Up Poker

If you want to boost profits significantly, the world of heads-up poker games can offer considerably larger returns. Use this guide to find out how.

Some of the most profitable poker players specialise in heads-up play. Playing one on one vs a single opponent might sound daunting for some.

Perhaps it’s simply more relaxing to fade away into the semi-anonymity of a 6-max or full-ring environment. 

But for those looking to boost profits considerably, the world of one-on-one poker games can offer significantly larger returns. 

Why Play Heads-Up?

The simplest incentive to play heads-up poker is that the potential profit margins are a lot higher. In today’s ring games, a player is ‘decent’ if they generate a winrate somewhere between 0 and 4bb per hundred hands.

Players with 10bb/100 are either considered insane crushers or are playing in noticeably softer (sometimes ring-fenced) environments.