Quack! Quack! Learn How to Turn Pocket Deuces into a High-Value Hand!

Pocket deuces( a pair of two’s) can be tricky to play. Although ranked better than AK, they’re the weakest of the 13 possible pocket pairs. Find out how to play them right.

Pocket deuces (AKA ducks) in poker means a pair of two’s. It can be tricky to play. On the one hand, they’re technically better than hands like ace-king. But, on the other, they’re both the weakest of the 13 possible pocket pairs and only a coinflip against over-cards. 

In other words, they’re dominated and whenever they’re not, you’re about 50/50 to win.

How to properly play pocket deuces is subjective. The following factors play a significant role:

  • Stack sizes
  • Position
  • Opponent’s tendencies, etc. 

As such, outlined below are general tips on how to play pocket deuces. Understand that the advice can fluctuate based upon the above factors.