Top 5 Common Beginner Poker Mistakes to Avoid!

Let’s consider a list of 5 common beginner mistakes outlined by 888poker ambassador Kara Scott. Read on as 888poker discusses them in more detail.

As new poker players, we don’t always have to learn from our mistakes the hard way!

By listening to suggestions from experienced players, it’s possible to avoid some of the most common mistakes right from the start.

Let’s consider a list of 5 common beginner mistakes and discuss them in more detail.

Mistake #1. Playing events that are too expensive

It’s essential to only play poker with money we can afford to lose. In most cases, you should only use a small percentage of your money set aside for poker.

Any single poker tournament can be over in minutes. We might love the idea of playing poker all day, but the cards can have a completely different notion.

Although it’s not usual to bust in the first level of a big event, it’s certainly possible. It can happen to anyone and I’m speaking from personal experience. We want to have enough poker funds to enter another event without worrying about our finances.

Ultimately, it’s tough to play our best poker game if we are concerned about the amount of money we have invested. The additional stress likely means that we won’t make good decisions. If losing a tournament buy-in would make our life difficult in any way, then it’s not the right tournament for us.

We’ll get to the big buy-in events in the future if we focus on playing smart in the short term.