Is Stack Size More Important than Position, the Cards or Your Opponents?

888poker investigates the importance of stack size. Follow along as we show that this info is more essential than position, the cards, or your opponents.

Ask me what is the most essential consideration when playing a hand in a cash game? I would say it’s not position or my cards or my opponents. It’s my stack size relative to the blinds.

Consider a hand like the one below in a deep stack game with effective stacks (the smallest of the stacks involved in a hand) of 400 big blinds.

lose with this hand

How much are you likely to lose with this hand?

I doubt you are going to put a lot of money in the pot with a single pair of 3s or 5s because there will be overcards on the board. You will only get committed when you make a hand like a straight, trips, two pair, etc.