What is the net worth of high stakes poker player Nik Airball?

As streaming live cash games become increasingly popular, Nikhil Arcot (better known as “Nik Airball”) has become a regular on Hustler Club Live. The show sees massive cash swings on the table and Airball repeatedly mixing it up in action.

In March 2023, the high-stakes regular spoke about losing $744,000 in a session on the show. That ballooned to more than $900,000 over that same week. The same month, he took some shots at poker coach Matt Berkey.

Airball challenged Berkey to heads-up cash game action. The two eventually agreed to play three days in Las Vegas at $200/$400 blinds with a minimum $100,000 buy-in. The event has the chance to affect Airball’s net worth – either positively or negatively.

Net WorthSpeculated to be at least $8 million to $10 million*
Total Tournament Winnings$20,700
Major winsNegligible major tournament wins
Other revenue streamsCash game winnings, investment banking