Top 5 things that are bad for poker

Things have changed a lot for the better over the last few decades. But as we see with global warming, cyberbullying and the emergence of Jake Paul, progress can often  come at a cost. 

Today we will look at the top five modern developments threatening poker and its longevity. 

Here they are in no particular order of importance or notoriety:

  • Excessive Tanking
  • Shot Clocks
  • Scandals
  • Technology
  • GTO and Solvers

Excessive Tanking

One of the most annoying developments in recent years is the deliberate tanking adopted by some players. In case you’re behind with your slang, tanking happens when players deliberately take longer than necessary to play their turn.

Taking extra time to minimize tells or mull over a tough decision is reasonable in moderation. But some players have started to abuse the system attempting to annoy and/or tilt their opponents. Perhaps they think it looks cool.