Blockers in Poker: Turning the Tables on Your Opponents!

888poker dissects the ins and outs of Blockers in the game of poker. Find out how using Blockers as part of your poker strategy can improve your results.

In certain situations, we might feel that we know nothing about the type of hand our opponent is holding. That’s never entirely true, however.

By looking at our own cards, we can deduce which cards our opponent is definitely not holding.

We refer to this technique as using blockers.

What Precisely is a Blocker Anyway?

As an example, imagine that one of our hole cards is an ace in Hold’em. We know that it is less likely that our opponent holds an ace. There are now only three aces left in the deck.

This scenario is referred to as a blocking effect.

We might say that we “block our opponent’s ace combos” or that we “hold an ace blocker”.