Top 5 Beginner Tips for Understanding and Assigning Poker Ranges!

You hear a lot about ranges in today’s poker game, but what exactly are they?

Understanding ranges and poker combos is an integral part of becoming a better poker player. It’s something you must know if you want to be a winning player.

I’m Ian Simpson, and I’ll share 5 tips for understanding ranges in this video below.

Tip 1: Ranges vs Specific Hands

Players often talk about ranges nowadays instead of specific poker hands.

Let’s dive into exactly what this means.

When a player raises on the button, we don’t have enough information to put them on one precise hand. Instead, we must make an educated guess about all the hands they will play this way.

Players will also say, “I put you on a pair,” before making a dubious call or fold for their tournament life.

We cannot be that specific without an amazing live tell.

Our opponent surely will have pairs when they jam preflop, but they will also have a myriad of other hands too!