How to Control and Use Tilt to Your Benefit!

Tilt in poker means that we are not playing our best because of an issue with our mindset or mental game. Find out how tilt occurs and how to manage it.

Have you ever smashed a perfectly good computer mouse or left a monitor shaped indentation in your office wall? There is a chance you are suffering from a mindset problem known as tilt.

The best poker players understand that the game of poker is not purely about odds, outs and theory. A poker player might have a strong understanding of theory. But they can still perform poorly at the poker tables if their mental game or mindset is not strong.

Athletes and other high-level sports stars have understood this concept for a while. Physical conditioning is only one piece of the puzzle. It’s increasingly common for high-level athletes to work with a mental coach on the psychology of performance.

For poker players, part of a solid mental game involves understanding tilt.