Poker Hands Ranked – What Beats What?

This complete list gives you the full rundown of possible hands in order – from the strongest to the weakest. Starting with the best poker hands, we’ll explain what each looks like and which other hands they beat.

  1. Royal Flush

Sitting at the very top of the poker hierarchy, you’ll find the royal flush. The strongest poker hand of all is a type of straight flush where you have A-K-Q-J-10 – all in the same suit.

What does Royal Flush beat?
As the highest poker hand, a royal flush beats every other hand your opponents might hold.Straight Flush

  • 2. Straight Flush

A straight flush is made up of five consecutive cards, all in the same suit. For example, 9-8-7-6-5 all in diamonds.

What does straight flush beat?
This beats all other poker hands, except for a higher straight flush.