5 Expert Tips for Shifting from Online Poker to Live Poker

Transitioning from the virtual realm of online poker to the vibrant atmosphere of live poker rooms can be a thrilling but challenging experience, requiring a set of strategies to thrive in this new environment.

Although poker is played the same whether you’re playing with a computer or real cards and chips, there are still some big adjustments you need to make if you’re making the transition from online poker to live. Here are 5 tips to help you get that right:

Tip 1: The one chip rule

If you’re new to live poker, there will be rules that you’re not familiar with. One of these is the 1 chip rule.

Let’s say someone at your table raises to 400. If you throw in a single 1000 denomination chip without saying anything, this is ruled as a call.

The same is true no matter what single denomination chip is thrown in.

To make it clear what you want to do, vocalize your intentions to the dealer. Saying, “I raise to 1000” or “call” will avoid any confusion, as verbal declarations are binding.