How the Pros Redefine the Game of Poker – Is it Skill-Based or Purely ‘Gambling’?

Is poker gambling?  

This age-old question has confused players and even governments.

  1. On the one hand, there is clearly betting that takes place around a card game – and that game is heavily influenced by chance.
  2. On the other hand, some professional poker players consistently win over millions of hands. By poker definitions, that doesn’t sound like gambling.

So, is poker a game of skill, or is it gambling?

Let’s find out.

Why So Much Confusion?

Some confusion arises because poker is a game of chance and skill.

Luck primarily determines the outcome of any poker hand. However, skill determines the outcome of a large sample size of poker hands.

Whether or not poker should be considered gambling has a lot to do with our point of reference.

Professional poker players have their perspective on the term ‘gambling’, which differs from the dictionary definition.