Lew vs Adelstein Supposed Cheating Poker Scandal Six Months Later

It’s been almost six months since Robbi Lew called Garrett Adelstein’s 6-figure shove with jack-high. And shockwaves are still ripping through the poker community.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the drama, it all started with a hand that defies logic. In it, Robbi stacked a flabbergasted Garrett Adelstein after raise/calling a turn 3-bet shove with Jc4h on ThTc9c3h.

Somehow, she had the best hand and held on two boards against Adelstein’s 7c8c.

Initially impressed with herself, her mood quickly changed as she was accused of cheating. This accusation led to a barrage of abuse online (though many seemed to be as ludicrous as the call itself!).

In another twist, she later gave the money back to Adelstein. This move confused a lot of people. Whether the result of duress, general kind-heartedness, or something else entirely, it added fuel to the fire.

As you might imagine, many struggled to see why an innocent person would feel compelled to return legitimately won money. So, they interpreted the refund as an indication of guilt. Adelstein himself stressed this point in his statements shortly after the hand.