Hit the Microstakes Poker Tables to Up Your Game!

A few years back, I had a conversation with a multi-millionaire. “I used to play poker,” he told me. “Until I reached a certain point financially, and it was no longer fun for me.” He became so rich he could no longer feel the rush.

While this may sound like #lifegoals for some, I’d like to posit that he’s missing out. Playing below your bankroll can be one of the best experiences – especially if you want to improve.

For those looking to up their game – technically and psychologically – micro and small stakes should be mandatory homework.

That Time My Dad Played The Micros

The first reason you should play smaller is that it’s not as exciting. It may – and should – feel like a grind. Since you don’t have the rush of big pots to focus you, playing the micros might be significantly harder.