This Is Why Your Bluffs Don’t Work

Knowing when and how to make a bluff work is an important part of poker. And, it also helps you understand when YOU’RE being bluffed as well. Here are 5 tips to help you get your bluffs through:

Tip 1 – Have a plan

The important thing with bluffing is to have a plan and know what you’re targeting.

If you bet T9dd on an A62dch flop, you need to know what you’re doing on a variety of turn cards.

For example, if the turn is a 7, are we going to apply that pressure again targeting them to fold K high or a small pair? Or are we going to check back and see a free river card? These decisions depend on a number of factors, like how close you are to the money and how aggressive your opponent is.

What’s important is to think about this ahead of time so you’re prepared for when that turn card lands.

This also leaves you free to concentrate on live tells if you’re playing live, or on other tables if you’re playing online poker.