Poker and Relationships: The Importance of a Healthy Poker/Life Balance

Poker is pretty luxurious these days. Hollywood has made the game cool and sexy. People are likelier to associate it with lavish excess than a dark, dangerous underworld.

However, poker isn’t quite as glam in the real world as those in the industry will know.

While it does have its moments of luxury, the game is incredibly complicated and takes complete dedication to master.

For many, poker becomes part of their identity.

This relationship can be a good thing: It can change their worldview, how they overcome adversity, and how they manage tough life decisions daily.

  • But what happens if passion becomes an obsession and starts interfering with other areas of your life?
  • What if your first thought when waking up in the morning is where to play poker in Las Vegas?

Today, we will examine some of the lifestyle challenges associated with poker and the importance of a healthy work/social-life balance.