Are You Making These 11 Fatal Common Poker Mistakes?

Professional poker coaches have analysed the databases and games of thousands of players. Guess what? Common poker mistakes are widespread and appear at all skill levels.

Although players occasionally face unique issues, most leaks share surprisingly similar patterns – a poker board pattern.

Some leaks appear all of the time, affect the majority of players, and account for most of the winrate loss.

Chances are, you have some of the same leaks, and you can greatly improve your winrate by focusing on the list in this 888poker article.

1. Missing Value

There are many different profitable poker styles. The core of every style, and the backbone of any winrate, is the ability to extract maximum value for made poker hands.

Weak players slowplay too often, bet too small and miss thin value opportunities.

  • The best players only slowplay in very specific situations and make large value bets when they are strong.
  • The best players can also extract thin value with smaller bet sizings in situations where a weaker player would check.