Guardian Series: And Finally, Don’t Forget To Enjoy It


Vicky Coren
Victoria Coren

It’s quite fun, this Guardian experiment. They’re having a games slot every day – bridge, chess, that sort of thing – and I’m doing the poker one. It’s aimed at the fairly new player, who might have watched a bit of poker on TV and just started playing with their friends and wants a few tips. So for the moment in the column I’m generally advocating caution and covering basics – it’s a way of trying to help people avoid losing all their money in their first few weeks or months playing the game! If the links are going up on the Hendon Mob page, I hope I don’t get a flood of people shouting at me on the forum – ‘What do you MEAN, pass A9 before the flop?’ and that kind of thing. This isn’t complex stuff to be debated by people who have already been playing for years – it’s just start-up tips and ways not to go broke. Whatever I tell the Guardian, I’d probably stick the lot in with A9 cos I came here to gamble…"

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