Twenty Top Tournament Tips

We are often asked by players, journalists and the occasional taxi driver to give brief tips on tournament play. We give many different answers and we thought we’d list a few of them here.

Practice and prepare.
Get plenty of rest before a tournament.
Get Focused.
Don’t be too afraid to lose or you can’t win.
Never get ‘anteed away’.
Be a bettor/raiser not a caller.
Don’t call if you can’t stand a raise.
Never show hands you don’t have to or tell someone what you had.
Very rarely slow play, particularly before the flop.
Steer clear of big stacks unless you have a very strong hand.
Watch every hand even when you are not in.
Always count to five before you act.
Watch the players not the flop.
Always listen, don’t talk too much.
Don’t get into habits that people can spot.
Drink water.
Watch the clock.
Be Assertive.
Know how many chips are in play.
Respect everyone – fear no-one.