The Best Poker Destinations Around the Globe

With its unpredictable nature, strategic gameplay, and lively camaraderie, the game of poker is incredibly captivating. It’s a timeless game that has attracted people from all across the globe and from all walks of life. While some people play poker for a living, others see it as a valued hobby. But no matter how poker fits into your life, a time may come when you’re ready to take the game beyond the modest poker rooms of your hometown.

Even with online casino options, like those with live dealers on, the digital experience might not be enough to capture the true spirit of an internationally renowned poker destination. Maybe you’re interested in soaking up the glitz and glamor of flashy Las Vegas or experiencing a game fronted by ocean views in the Bahamas. Either way, each popular poker destination promises a unique and unforgettable experience for all types of players.

Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas is the casino capital of the world, thanks to its long-standing reputation as a gambling hotspot. Since the California gold rush, the gambling industry had a hold on the city, and it’s no different today – millions of people flock to the city for a taste of the action. Stepping onto the Strip, you’ll find celebrity-chef restaurants and over-the-top hotels to bolster your experience.

In this poker paradise, you’ll find none other than the most distinguished poker rooms in the entire world (such as the Aria or Golden Nugget). And if this isn’t enough to draw you in, the city also plays host to the World Series of Poker (WSOP) every year.


Often described as the Vegas of the East, Macau boasts many similarities to Las Vegas when it comes to its mega-casinos, spectacular nightlife, and resort complexes. But if you want to be wrapped in a blanket of culture, Macau might be a more suitable choice for you. Being both a former Portuguese colony and a Chinese city, you’ll find a vibrant blend of history, architecture, and delicious cuisine to indulge in between games.

Macau is known for its more serious gambling culture, where the stakes are high, and the wagers are substantial. Gambling culture centers around table games, specifically baccarat, but there has been a growing poker scene characterized by high-end experiences and tournaments.

London, England

In true Casino Royale fashion, London’s poker scene sets itself apart from the rest with its refined private game scene. That’s right – London is most fitting for the high rollers out there who are looking to access members’ clubs and venues with a rich history. However, there are opportunities to tone the action and the stakes down a little, with a variety of poker rooms dotted around the city.

Being a major international city, choosing London also means getting to enjoy the history, art, culture, and inspiring icons in town, including towering Big Ben, the imposing London Eye, and the scenic Thames River.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monaco is another high-roller favorite, commonly associated with supercars and the Grand Prix, luxurious architecture, and being a haven for billionaires. Unlike the gaudy and flamboyant experience you’ll have in Las Vegas, you won’t find any neon lights or extravagant displays here. Instead, you’ll enter a world of opulent casinos surrounded by the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.

Poker playing here is a more refined experience. Players can get a taste of high society and head to the famed Casino de Monte Carlo to enjoy a competitive game in an ornate setting – just be sure to dress the part!

Barcelona, Spain

As Barcelona hosts some of the largest poker tournaments in Europe (including the biggest EPT event of the year), this city is certainly worth a mention. It’s a worthy destination to consider if you’re after diversity and a welcoming vibe, as well as top-notch food and wine. After all, we’re talking about Spain here!

You’ll find down-to-earth venues and, of course, larger spaces like the Casino Barcelona spread out across the city. Whether you want to participate in a daily tournament, play a casual game, or casino hop (there are clusters of casinos within walking distance of each other), you can do all that and spoil yourself at a tapas bar.

Paradise Island, Bahamas

Although we did refer to Vegas as a poker paradise, playing poker somewhere called ‘Paradise Island’ amidst palm trees, white-sand beaches, and turquoise waters might just be enough to steal that title. For 15 years, the Atlantis Paradise Island hosted the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure annually until its break and return at the new Baha Mar Resort.

This small island is home to just two large casinos, but both are packed with a variety of table games, hundreds of slot machines, and never-ending action. The Atlantis Casino spans a seven-acre lagoon and 85 table games, while the Baha Mar Casino boasts 119 live tables and other casino favorites across 100,000 square feet of space.

Melbourne, Australia

Our final spotlight is Down Under in Melbourne – the perfect laid-back poker destination for those looking for the perks of a big city and the relaxed nature of Aussie culture. Much like their scorching summers, the poker scene is hot too, considering the city hosts the Aussie Millions every year at The Crown Casino. It’s considered one of the richest poker tournaments worldwide, with a sizable 7 million AUD prize pool.

Melbourne is great if you’re looking for options – perhaps an upscale tournament one night and a more friendly and inviting atmosphere the next. Whatever you choose, this diverse poker scene will leave you wanting more. Beyond the tables, the city also entices visitors with trendy cafes and bars, cultural attractions, and natural beauty you won’t want to miss.