Rules for All Games on GameRules, Freeroll at 888poker, and JackPoker’s Latest Promotion

And just like that, we’ve officially entered the month of December! 2023 just flew by and we’ve been treated to a lot of thrilling and enjoyable poker moments throughout the year. Whether you’re an online player or rather enjoy the live poker scene, whether you’re a high stakes poker professional or a more recreational player, 2023 offered all sorts of poker action and we can look back at one of the biggest poker years.

However, 2023 isn’t over and there’s still a lot of fun stuff to stick your teeth into. Today, we’ll tell you about, the home for rules for all different games. We’ll also highlight a fantastic freeroll over at 888poker which is a collaboration between PokerListings and “the eights”. Finally, we’ll head over to good ol’ JackPoker and see what Jack has up his sleeve for us in December. Without further ado, let’s dive headfirst into all the hottest topics in December!

GameRules – Learn How to Play Your Favorite Games!

Whether it’s poker, tennis, Scrabble or skipping lakes on a rock, we humans are programmed to spend our leisure time playing games. When you think about it, everything could be considered a game – the urge to play is embedded deep in our DNA.

With so many new and creative games, you’ll never be worried about finding a game that you won’t enjoy. But how about rules? Understanding the fundamentals of various games is crucial to enjoy them.

That’s why we’re so happy that a site like exists. GameRules is the ultimate bank of rules for the world’s most popular games. Whether you’re into card games or board games, GameRules is the place to visit when you need to enlighten yourself about the rules for all different kinds of games.

Whether you want to learn how to play hearts, what kind of game Rummy 500 is, or be introduced to new popular poker games that you’ve never heard of before, GameRules got you covered.

If we were to pitch one game in particular, it would be Checkers. Checkers is an ancient game going back to the year 1100, and it’s a game that’s simple to learn but hard to master. Easy-to-understand Checkers rules can be found on GameRules. What’s even better, GameRules also has videos explaining and showing all the rules, which makes it very easy for players to learn how to play this amazing game.

PokerListings X 888poker – Freeroll on December 6th!

Who doesn’t love a good poker freeroll? The PokerListings crew teamed up with the great minds over at 888poker and decided to treat all online poker players to a delicious 888poker freeroll.

The online poker tournament will be held on December 6th starting at 20:00 GMT (i.e., 21:00 CET). You will find it in the 888poker lobby under the name “PokerListings Exclusive Freeroll”. Fittingly enough, this freeroll has an $888 prize pool in honor of the great poker site that is 888poker. Don’t miss out on this, folks; freerolls are perfect bankroll builder tournaments.

888poker surely delivered some great goods this year. Earlier this winter season, they announced the Snowmen Festival which kicked off in October, and the event lasts roughly three months. The tournament schedule included Mystery Bounty tournaments, the thrilling poker format that may be the hottest one right now.

If you’re not yet a member on 888poker, we can highly recommend that you check out this legendary poker site. The 888poker bonus is very beneficial to players who want to get the most value out of their buck. For example, when depositing $10-$1 000, you’ll receive a 100% bonus.

888poker is also a great place to start your poker journey. On the site, you can play free poker for real money prizes, which is the perfect introduction to the game. Head on over to 888poker and experience a world-class online poker experience!

Amazing Deal for First-Time Depositors on JackPoker

Good ol’ Uncle Jack. JackPoker has really been a force to reckon with on the poker scene during 2023, and now they’re coming at us with yet another great poker promotion.

During December, they’re adding even more perks to their already impeccable JackPoker bonus. 50% instacash, 25% rakeback and up to 150 free spins, first-time depositors will have the opportunity to secure a free ticket for tournaments in The Christmas Fair as part of the signup bonus.

The Christmas Fair is a tournament series that started on December 1st on JackPoker, and will finish on the 21st. Through the deposit campaign, you could snatch yourself a free $20 ticket to the $5,000 GTD Main Event. To partake in this JackPoker giveaway, you must register your JackPoker account through our PokerListings link.

Even though we’re approaching 2024 at a rapid speed, there is still a lot of action going on in December. We’re as thrilled as always to bring you the latest, and we wish you good luck at the poker tables – or maybe around the kitchen table playing some board games.