DTD Press Release

Press Release:

Dusk Till Dawn Ltd


UK Gambling Commission Certificate of Consent


15th February 2007

We would like to sincerely thank the UK Gambling Commission for granting Dusk Till Dawn a Certificate of Consent today, for operation of a casino at Redfield Way, LentonRetailPark, Nottingham. The process has been rigorous, meticulous and demanding, but also fair and reasonable in light of the risks associated with running a venture of this scale and in this sector.

Although Dusk Till Dawn will be a “poker only” dedicated venue, as opposed to offering casino “house games” such as roulette and blackjack. Despite the significant costs of being compliant, these procedures, policies, licensing, employment and controls will be executed to the same high standards that the Gambling Commission expect of all UK casinos under the 1968 Act and the forthcoming 2005 Act, due to be implemented from 1st September 2007.

On the 16th February, Dusk Till Dawn will submit their application to Nottingham council for the April 2007 hearing held at Nottingham Magistrates Court. The criteria that will be assessed here is simple, “is there an acceptable level of demand for this poker club?” However, it should also be noted that even if demand is not proven, the court still has the powers of discretion to grant us permission to operate.

With over 3000 people having already applied for membership of Dusk Till Dawn, as well as the dramatic growth in the overall popularity of poker across the UK and Europe, there is little doubt that demand will be proven; however, the impact of any third parties claiming “material loss” if Dusk Till Dawn opens, could still be a mitigating factor.

The process for opening a legal poker club in the UK is a very challenging and lengthy process, each hurdle gets higher, applicants must; 

  • Locate suitable premises that must be within the designated postcodes approved by the Gambling Commission  
  • Obtain specific Casino planning permission from the local authority  
  • Interview with the Police for the liquor license and navigate successfully through the liquor licensing court process  
  • Submit a detailed application to the Gambling Commission and pass through various interviews and checks with the Gambling Commission, a six month process at least  
  • Gain approval for all of the necessary financial parameters laid down to operate a casino that is fully compliant with the Gambling Commission  
  • Receive a positive recommendation from the Senior Regional Gaming Inspectorate  
  • Sign a legally binding commitment to be compliant with all Gambling Commission codes of practice specifically that all employees will hold the relevant licensees for their respective positions  
  • Attend a panel hearing at the Gambling Commission headquarters in Birmingham to obtain a Certificate of Consent  
  • Apply to the Magistrates Court and demonstrate demand for the club at their quarterly hearing

Dusk Till Dawn is now at the last stage of the process, it is still not a formality that we will be successful, objections by local casinos at the Magistrates Court could cause further delays. But, gaining the Gambling Commission’s blessing was absolutely crucial and the most important stage of the process and we are proud that a small operation like Dusk Till Dawn have managed to pass this critical of stages.

The team have worked hard to get Dusk Till Dawn ready to open, the club is in the final weeks of refurbishment, staff have been recruited and trained, systems have been tested and even the opening night has been planned. However, despite our eagerness to offer poker outside of the traditional casino environment, a firm opening date will not be announced until the Magistrates Court hearing has been successful.

We would like to thank the UK poker community for their ongoing support given to Dusk Till Dawn over the last eighteen months. This has helped considerably in becoming the first ever poker club to receive a UK Certificate of Consent.

If you have any questions regarding Dusk Till Dawn please contact Paul Zimbler, Marketing Director [email protected].