The Man Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight

A guy just out of dealer’s school in Las Vegas a few years ago sent his resume to Binion’s. It went something like:

Previous employer: San Francisco Giants
Position held: Pitcher
Reason for leaving: Couldn’t throw strikes

If poker players were that honest, there wouldn’t be a game.

His humour would have got him the job for sure, except he got his phone number wrong, which might explain quite a lot.

Excellent delivery

I got a bit bored in the 10K PLO tournament the other day. I was stuck between that Russian geezer who wouldn’t talk to me because he didn’t speak English and Howard Lederer who didn’t talk much to me because he didn’t want to. Hard to fault either of them. To amuse myself I had to talk to Erik Lindgren, which was a bit of a problem because he was at a different table but the trip was well worth it. He told me he’d ordered pizza one Sunday while passing the time by watching football on TV. When the pizza delivery guy arrived, Eric asked him how he was doing. “I’m doing great”, said the guy, “I’m living the dream.”