One Table Satellites

People sometimes play sit and goes in order to get final table experience. This is OK so long as you appreciate the essential differences between the two. In a Sit And Go everyone starts with equal chips. Normally it is winner take all. There are never more than three prizes.

There are two fundamental approaches. One is to play super tight early on. The other is to come out of the traps fast and bully the table. There is merit in both, but remember you are playing to win. A big key is to pick up quickly which kind of players your opponents are. Someone who is playing to survive can be stolen from particularly easily. Someone who is playing fast can be re-bluffed occasionally once you have established a tight image. Do not let your chips get below the point where you can defend your blinds or steal others. Recognise when others are at the point where they must bet regardless of hand and act accordingly. E.G. Limp with big hand if you know raise is coming; Re-raise to get heads up with marginal hand. Be careful about ‘checking out’ when player is all in. If there are chips in the pot YOU want them.

Remember, if you can make it to the heads up with whatever amount of chips, you have a chance.

Early on with a full table hand selection should be tight. There are a lot of hands out there plus the blinds are small so there is relatively little incentive to steal.

Be aware of how hand values change as the number of players decrease and the hands go up. Get progressively more aggressive. Sometimes the field decreases quickly and there is a great deal of play in the chips when you are short handed. Sometimes all or most survive for a long time and you get ‘fast play’ at a full table. You must be conscious of these subtleties and adjust your play accordingly. If the blinds have got big it may be a case of getting your chips in first with a playable hand and letting others decide whether this is the hand they want to go out on.