It’s back! Mob Forum League VI Starts 17th November

 Poker League 6

The sixth Mob forum league will kick off Tuesday 17th November with $16,000 in World Series prizes added (4 x $4000 packages for the 2010 WSOP) plus thousands of dollars worth of added bounty prizes.

Those of you who’ve played before will know the score. Full Tilt Poker every Tuesday at 8pm UK Time (3pm by the Full Tilt ET clock). You’ll find the tournament under the private tab in the tourament lobby and the password you’ll need to enter is "HENDON". The password remains the same each week. If you have any questions or feedback regarding the league please email [email protected].

The entry fee is still $10+$1 with a variety of games being played over the league. Tournaments pay out the standard prize money structure.

New Mob Forum Ironman

The fourth WSOP package will go to the Mob Forum League IRONMAN. Have you got what it takes? There are 23 tournaments in the schedule. Any player who plays 20 or more of the 23 events will qualify for a final playoff spot. Full details.

Bounty Prizes with New Book Store Added

Every week there will be bounties on various players and points are awarded . These points will show next to your name in the league table and are redeemable at any time for items from the Bounty Store. Amongst the bounties in the first tournament will be special guest, top UK and FTP pro Julian Gardner who will be worth 20 bounty points

IMPORTANT: In order to qualify for bounty points you MUST post in the official forum thread in the Mob Forum for each particular tournament. This can not be done retrospectively! So anyone who knocks out a bounty player that has not posted in the official thread on that day will NOT get the points and the post must be made BEFORE the bounty is won. Bounty points are redeemable only in the Bounty Store and do not count towards league placings.

To open your Full Tilt Poker account click on the link at the bottom of this post and use referral code MOB. This will automatically put you on the Mob VIP rake back scheme where you will get 27% rakeback paid into your account each week and a generous 100% deposit bonus up to $600*.

More information in Poker League VI section.