Jet Lag… What Jet Lag?

The Aussie Millions, Melbourne
A$450 Limit Hold’em
Report by Mad Marty Wilson on Sunday, 4 January 2004 at 7:21 pm

Not being a natural storyteller it took some persuasion for me to write this diary.

Having arrived in Oz at 6.20am, 31 hours after setting out we set our stall to stay up and get our body clocks adjusted straight away. By 3pm we gave in and went to bed. When we woke we thought that it was 9.30am the next day. Ha! This jet lag is easy!
I felt fresh and ready for the comp at 12.30. Having woken Katherine, telling her to stop being so grumpy as 18 hours sleep is more than enough we washed and went for breakfast. We came out of the lift and it was pitch black outside. Funny! Surely the sun rises earlier than 10am. We hadn’t slept for 18 hours, only 6! We were 12 hours out!

This does have a silver lining. Now washed, rested and no comp ‘til the next day I was presented with a pocket full of money; roulette, blackjack, cash games and beer. I managed to get to bed again at 3am A$3000 up.

Next day and out of 188 runners only 10 were from the UK. What a fantastic achievement then that the final three were Barny, Peter Costa and me.

Maybe I’m biased but what a fantastic place Australia is.

I decided not to play today because we overslept. I rang down at 2pm to see if I could enter but it was too late. It was A$500 limit hold-em and yesterdays 2nd and 3rd , Peter and Barny, were two of the first players out. The other members of the Mob are all out now and three tables are left. Full result will follow later.

Full Result Sunday 4th January 2004 A$500 Limit Hold-em
133 Entrants

1st Michael Homann $17,509
2nd Gary Cleaver $11,141
3rd Goran Slavkoski $5,836
4th Eugene Juczenko $4,244
5th John Wylie $3,714
6th Arul Thillai $3,183
7th John Maver $2,653
8th Tim Heath $2,122
9th Fred Saliba $1,592
10th Craig Johnson $1.061
11th John Dalessandri $500
12th Susan Lee $500
13th Jack Lee $500
14th Gary Benson $500
15th John Maitland $500
16th Jeff Lisandro $500
17th Alex Mansas $500
18th David Szetho $500
19th Glen Athanassiou $500
20th Lin Potter $500