Behind the Scenes at Poker Million – The Masters II

Poker Million – The Masters II, Sky Sports
$10,000 Heats
Report by Mad Marty Wilson on Saturday, 14 February 2004 at 6:39 pm

A New Career.

Firstly, congratulations to The Mob for their fantastic deal with Prima, best of luck to you all.
Well Poker Million-The MastersII, as we are to refer to it, is underway pitting celebs, newcommers and poker pros against each other. Last year’s field has been doubled due to the 36 qualifiers who have entered. So, with a further 6 celebs the pressure is on the 30 pros. However, we all know Jimmy White likes a double!

Whilst I can’t give any results(as if you didn’t know them) I can report on the most exciting event it has led to. I now have my first job in 23 years, "spotting". Great I get to wander around eyeing up talent for Sky? No. I go behind the scenes working with the director telling him where the action will be. Hence the reply to Padraig on the Hendon Mob forum. So after a week I am still in employment, a record for me, with a promise of work on the rest of the programmes.This maybe particularly usefull info to all the pallet, roadcone and railway sleeper owners in the Midlands. You are safe ’till the last episode is filmed and however long my wages last.

I’m also considering a career in poker tuition. Having arrived a day early tournament director Liam Flood asked me to coach a couple of the celebs for their heat. An impromptu tourney and several beers later friends were made and some poker moves were divulged. I’ll tell who the two celebs were after its aired.

Best of luck to all the entrants, may the best man/woman win.

Mad Marty.