KKPoker Announces 2024 VEGAS DREAM

In 2023, KKPoker, one of the leading mobile poker apps, successfully hosted its exclusive online poker event, VEGAS DREAM, for the first time. Now, KKPoker announces its 2024 VEGAS DREAM. From March 30 to May 4 (GMT), KKPoker is holding online satellites on its App with buy-ins varying from $0 to $300. VEGAS DREAM 2024 will feature a guarantee of 12 Packages for the biggest poker event in the world, each valued at $13,500. 

This showcased KKPoker’s dedication to providing poker enthusiasts with the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of participating in the world’s most prestigious poker event in Las Vegas.

Download KKPoker now: https://www.kkpoker.net/downloadpage/


Last year, during the scorching summer heat, five passionate poker players from KKPoker embarked on this journey to the ultimate poker destination. Among them, Krzysztof Mielnik returned home with an astonishing $92,600 in earnings.

Reflecting on his experience at this prestigious event, Mielnik expressed, “After winning the package at KKPoker, everything happened very quickly. Before I knew it, I was walking with my ticket to the Main Event table. You realize you are part of something special. This cannot be described, it has to be experienced!”

The biggest poker event in the world, held annually in Las Vegas, continues to captivate enthusiasts. In 2024, KKPoker is enhancing its offering with a full-scale upgrade, doubling the prize pool and offering free buy-ins. 


In 2023, five lucky individuals secured exclusive KKPoker Vegas Dream Packages. In 2024, this number will increase to twelve. 

Each KKPoker 2024 Vegas Dream Package includes a Main Event Entry Ticket worth $10,000, along with a $3,500 travel allowance, ensuring a seamless journey to this dream world.

As the dream builder for all poker enthusiasts, KKPoker is paving the way to the ultimate poker realm. Online satellites featuring multiple Freerolls will commence on the last day of March within its app.


KKPoker provides multiple ways to win the packages that wrap up your poker dream. During the time of 5 weeks, you can win exclusive packages via Freerolls, PKO, Tournaments, and Missions. 

Vegas Dream PATH – turn $1 into a dream package

From April 6 – May 4  (GMT), Vegas Dream 2024 will feature a three-step PATH for players to battle their way to the massive rewards, 8 Vegas Dream Packages!

Step 1

  • Buy-in: $1
  • Time: April 6 – May 4, daily at 21:00 & 09:00  (GMT) for regular games, 20:30 & 08:30 (GMT) for FLIP
  • GTD: Entry Ticket for Step 2

Step 2

  • Buy-in: $20
  • Time: April 6 – May 4, daily at 22:30 & 10:30 (GMT)
  • GTD: Entry Ticket for Main Event

Step 3 (Main Event)

  • Buy-in: $300
  • Time: April 13, 20, 27 and May 4 at 00:00 & 12:00 (GMT)
  • GTD: Vegas Dream Package valued at $13,500 x 8

Tokens to Lucky Draw – FREE play to win

From April 7 to 28, there will be 4 lucky winners who get the dream packages from Freerolls MTTs and Missions. Lucky draws will occur every Sunday. 


Time: March 30 – April 28 daily at 16:45; 22:45, 04:45 & 10:45 (GMT)

GTD: 10 Tokens for top 10 winners

Madness PKO

Buy-in: $15

Time: March 30 – April 27 daily at 16:00 (GMT)

GTD: 25 Tokens for top 25 winners


Buy-in: $20

Time: March 31 – April 28 daily at 05:00 (GMT)

GTD: 25 Tokens for top 25 winners


For everyone:

Buy-in: Any Flash NHL game ≥ 25c/50c

Time: March 31 – April 28 (GMT)

Win 200, 400, 600, 800 and 1000 hands weekly to get Tokens. 

For players who haven’t made a deposit: 

From March 31 – April 28 (GMT), finish the mission of depositing $20, you can also get a $20 Vagas Satellites ticket that can be used for Vegas Dream PATH Step 2! 

For players who haven’t joined KKPoker or haven’t logged in for a while: 

Join KKPoker today and play ONLY ONE ring game to get one free token! 

Please visit KKPoker official website for download and more information about VEGAS DREAM 2024 https://www.kkpoker.net/, and follow KKPoker on Instagram @kkpokerglobal or Facebook @KKPoker for updates. 

KKPoker also offers an exhilarating $33 Welcome Bonus and up to $1,000 first deposit bonus to boost your bankroll!