The Nugget Speaks…

The Aussie Millions, Melbourne
A$5,000 Pot Limit Omaha
Report by Gareth ‘The Nugget’ Jones on Wednesday, 14 January 2004 at 2:11 am

The Poms are all jockeying for position down here in Oz ready for the Big One starting Thursday. I’ve got a feeling the English are to take another prize from Australia so get on Betfair take your pick and enjoy the profits.

My Tip – I’ve been on the circuit in recent months and there’s a Big Comp I’m sure in Rambo. Mr Vaswani has had no real luck or form this trip and he’s gonna be hungry, if he doesn’t win a Big Comp this year I will be amazed.

Best British Outside – ‘The Magician’ Howard Plant 350/1 someone’s got a great price and he’s playing really well. Howard and I have had so much bad luck this last 12 months one day somebody’s gonna get it ! My 10% with Howard is my best chance I can’t make 1/3 shots hold on ! I’ve been knocking about with Howard and Mad Marty Wilson (he’s playing really well too) and they keep me laughing if nothing else !

Anyway you all know how mad Howard ‘The Magician’ Plant gets, his temper is world famous. Howard, Marty & I hire this car and Howard’s driving and his foots a little bit heavy on the pedal – blue lights, we get a pull from the Australian police. ‘You were doing 55 in a 40 Sir’ said the policeman ‘No I wasn’t’ snapped Howard. ‘Yes you were Sir, we have it on camera’. ‘That’s rubbish, I wasn’t doing anything like 55mph’ snarled Howard getting all aggressive like he does. At this point Marty popped his head out of the window and said in his dry Wolverhampton accent ‘Listen officer you don’t know how angry Howard can get, I wouldn’t talk to him like that especially when he’s had a drink!!’

Later he said to this Australian taxi driver ‘My brother used to be a taxi driver but he had to give up, he got sick of people talking behind his back !’

Good luck The Poms ! Cheers The Nugget

$5,000 Pot Limit Omaha Final 13th January 2003 51 Entrants

Final Table 10 Players Remain Blinds 400/800
ReStart 4pm

Seat 1 Joe Humunicki 25,300
Seat 2 Per Werner Svennson 48,700
Seat 3 Martin Vallo 20,900
Seat 4 Gary Benson 19,700
Seat 5 Sam Korman 15,400
Seat 6 Ross Boatman 17,800
Seat 7 Jason Gray 44,700
Seat 8 Steve Zolotow 37,600
Seat 9 Lucy Rokach 21,100
Seat 10 Graeme Putt 4,900