FREE 50% Cashback with Natural8’s Killer Whale Promotion!

Natural8 is making a splash with its latest Fish Buffet promotion – the Killer Whale! This limited-time promotion runs from 15th January [08:00 (UTC) / 16:00 (HKT)] – 15th February 2024 [07:59 (UTC) / 15:59 (HKT)] and promises to raise the current cashback system to an unprecedented level.

Classic Fish Buffet

Fish Buffet is Natural8’s exclusive rewards programme where the more you play, the greater the accumulation of Fish Points (FP) you’ll earn. As your Fish Points rise, you will also rise in rank, and so does the amount of cashback you will get back.

Find out more about Fish Buffet here.

Killer Whale Status = Free 50% Cashback for 100 Days

Opt-in to the new limited-time special Killer Whale status to get a fantastic 50% cashback for 100 days! Yes, you read it correctly – free cashback just for playing your favorite games on Natural8.

How to Catch the Killer Whale Wave

  1. Opt-in to the Killer Whale status before 15th February 2024.
  2. Play your favorite games and collect Fish Points.
  3. Reach 400,000 Fish Points within the first 100 days to become a Platinum Whale.
  4. Enjoy 50% cashback for another 365 days

Make a Splash with Platinum Whale Status!

But wait, there’s more! If you collect 400,000 Fish Points before the 100 days are up, you’ll be promoted to the prestigious Platinum Whale status. This means you will be able to maintain your 50% cashback for another glorious 365 days.

Normally, it takes Natural8 players 1,300,000 Fish Points to reach Platinum Whale status from Plankton. However, with the Killer Whale promotion, all it takes is 400,000 points. It’s like catching a wave straight to the top without the usual grind.

Don’t worry if you fail to collect the 400,000 Fish Points. You’ll still be rewarded with the Platinum Octopus status, where you will be able to lock in a minimum of 35% cashback for another 365 days.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to ride the wave of rewards with Natural8’s Killer Whale Promotion! Act now and opt in for the Killer Whale status to enjoy the free 50% cashback and a jump in status.

For more information on the Killer Whale promotion, visit Natural8.

About Natural8

Natural8 is Asia’s largest online poker room and geared towards recreational players. As an exclusive partner on the GGPoker Network – the world’s largest online poker network – Natural8 is fully licensed and authorised. Anyone can join for free, and there are no hidden fees.

On top of the $120 million guaranteed prize pool for tournaments every month, Natural8 also offers plenty of promotions for new players. These specials amount to a total of $1,858 – easily one of the best in the online poker scene – and include:

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