Flip & Go, GGPoker Action, & Spooky Halloween Quests at JackPoker

We’re on the verge of November and the poker year 2023 doesn’t seem to slow down. Wherever online poker players look, there seem to be tournament series and other interesting things happening, and surely there’s no problem for players to find a game that suits them.

Whether you prefer some classic games such as No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em or Pot Limit Omaha, there are a lot of interesting poker games with twists and turns that add extra spice to the poker experience. Today, we’ll take you through the world of Flip & Go’s, before we check out what’s going on over at JackPoker during the Halloween season. Buckle up, readers!

Flip & Go: A Popular Rising Form of Poker

Flip poker and all that it brings to the poker table is certainly growing in popularity on the global poker scene. Usually, Flip & Go tournaments are divided into two stages: the flip stage and the go stage.

On the Flip stage, each player will receive three cards. One of these cards must then be discarded before all players are forced all in pre-flop. Some sites, such as GGPoker, then run the community board twice in order to minimize the variance and highlight the importance of your pre-flop reasoning, making GGPoker flips more interesting and avoiding some of the coin-flip situations.

The Go stage is the second stage of the poker tournament. The players who survive the flip stage move on to the go stage, and this stage plays out just as a regular tournament.

Flip poker tournaments come in all different forms. The game is very popular in the Sit & Go format. There are mainly Texas flips regarding the go stage, however, sometimes players can find a different poker flip game.

PokerStars flips are somewhat different; they are more focused on Spin & Go’s. Players will sign up for SnG’s and when play starts, there will be a random draw for how large the prize pool will be before the tournament starts. Spin & Go is a very popular game on PokerStars with games running around the clock. Good luck with all your future poker flips!

Flip & Go Millions at GGPoker

Speaking about Flip & Go’s, intrigued players should head over to GGPoker for the GGPoker Flip & Go Millionaire. With flip stages running continuously by the hour from November 1st to 11th for a mere $11, players will have the chance to grab a part of the $1M GTD during this Flip & Go series.

After all the flip stage flights have been played, all survivors will move on to the go stage, which will be played on Saturday, November 11 at 19:00 (UTC). All players who have moved on to the go stage are in the money.

Managing director of GGPoker, Sarne Lightman, is very excited to announce the return of the Flip & Go Millionaire:

“I’m delighted to confirm the return of Flip & Go Millionaire, an event our players really enjoyed in 2022. This tournament has it all; a huge prize pool, low buy-ins, and it’s convenient for all players. With at least $1,000,000 to be won, expect eleven days of high excitement.”

Players will more or less have a chance to flip millions during this series over at GGPoker, which has three main perquisites: it’s cheap, it’s convenient, and boy, is it big!

Join the Halloween Quests Over at JackPoker!

Halloween is approaching and that means Halloween Quests over at JackPoker! Players will be participating in 29 different quests which will lead to them taking part in a whopping $20,000 JackPoker bonus. The assignments are divided into three theme categories, and each JackPoker quest is different. However, they all share the same purpose: to bring you, the player, the best poker bonus that will make your online grinding a lot more enjoyable.

If you’re not yet a player at the site, the time is now. The JackPoker signup bonus is just as good as the Halloween quest campaign. With a first deposit between $20-$3 000, players will get a 50 % instant cash bonus: quite the beneficial campaign! JackCasino, also offers a number of different online casino games through their JackPoker Casino department.

Players would also be wise to participate in PokerListing’s exclusive $500 Freeroll which runs on JackPoker on the last Saturday of each month. The poker code to enter the tournament is “pl2023” and the tournament starts at 20:00 CET.

There may only be two months left in 2023, but there is still a lot of poker to be played. Good luck on the tables everyone, and remember to have fun!