Black Friday Sales on PokerBROS

It’s that time of year again!!

PokerBROS is offering extended Black Friday deals, giving you four whole days of bargainsfrom Friday 25th to Monday 28th .

The in-ap Shop offers a 50% discount on VIP Cards – providing an opportunity to try out all the benefits and bonus features available to card-holders. VIP Cards come in Bronze, Silver and Gold varieties (each available for 30, 90 or 365 days).

Unlock special themes, grant bonus emojis, tags and time banks and increase the Club creation limit – with up to three extra Clubs available at Gold level. The Black Friday weekend represents an opportunity to expand and experiment with the wide range of features on offer for half the regular Diamond cost.

The PokerBROS Shop also offers a 50% discount on in-app items that enhance the interactive fun on tables, from quirky emojis and animated throwables to Time Banks, Rabbit cams and gold (1 purchase per item).

Plus, for US residents, there’s a 40% discount on everything in our Merchandise Store, with hats, T-shirts and hoodies – in colors, styles and sizes to suit everyone at the tables. Now you can dress like a PokerBROS bro!

PokerBROS Black Friday sales discounts will run from 00:00 CT November 25th until 23:59 CT November 28th. Terms and Conditions apply; all details can be found on the PokerBROS blog.

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