The Croc in Dublin

European Poker Championship, London
Report by Billy The Croc Argyros on Wednesday, 30 June 2004 at 2:42 pm

The second leg of my trip is now complete. With 128 (a large percentage) of the worlds best poker players participating in a gruelling 5 days of continuous heats I was not a player but a commentator. Guess what its a lot easier being a player!

Being around the poker circuit for many years now I really love the way the top English players play poker. Americans are more aggressive in keeping the pots short and quick by winning many hands before the flop. The English prefer seeing the flop before making their decisions. If you look at their achievements in major US events their records are phenomenal. I saw many great matches the highlight being watching Hendon Mob star Ram ‘Crazy Horse’ battling it out with Carlos Mortensen. Excellent match with both gladiators deserving to win. James Vogel vs Erick Lindgren was another powerfull match of super aggressive poker.

Dublin, Ireland was a very friendly place, with pubs and bars on every corner. The people were friendly and I was told that for every male there were three women. Well I tell you now some smuck must have been walking around with 6 women because I missed out on my quota! I was surprised to taste such delicious seafood, coming from Down Under its hard to accept seafood in other areas of the world. Note, we still have have the best shell sea food in the world, you can ask the Hendon Mob to confirm it if you dont believe me.

Well its off to London now to play some poker at the Victoria Casino and now that I know how everyone plays watch out its Crock time (LOL) . All the best , off to the 3rd leg now.

Ciao and good luck to all in London.