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Neil "Bad Beat" Channing is a professional poker player. His detailed poker profile in Poker Database will show you Neil's poker achievements and history. Neil is a regular writer for the Hendon Mob website.

Articles by Neil Channing "Bad Beat"

  • Failure to Engage (29/07/2013)
    I had about 22 seconds to say something before my floor and I went with...
  • Everything Changes (19/06/2013)
    I did a twelve hour session and I wrote the figure in my diary as usual. I turned the pages and noticed that it was now exactly twelve months since I last played a cash game in the Vic. A few years ago that would have been inconceivable.
  • Living the Dream (22/04/2013)
    To the other side of the world and back, Neil Channing discusses his recent Oz and UKIPT experiences.
  • Grumpy Old Men (10/01/2013)
    I'd like to think I sacrificed myself for the greater good of poker, but I'm not sure that I did.
  • Going for Gold (26/09/2012)
    I was totally stunned, deflated, gutted and depressed by the end of that tournament. Not much different to usual then.
  • So Near, So Far (16/07/2012)
  • Game Selection (09/07/2012)
    The whole Vegas planning thing finally fell into place.
  • I Was Robbed! Again... (14/05/2012)
    I lived my first 42 years on this planet without being robbed.
  • Bumhunting (14/02/2012)
    As somebody who has been involved in this gambling lark for a few years now I find I have to constantly reinvent myself.
  • Holiday (05/12/2011)
    One of the things people often highlight as the main advantage of being a professional gambler is the freedom it allows you.
  • SuperStars (24/10/2011)
    Within 60 seconds of this year's London EPT I knew I wasn't going to enjoy myself.
  • Robin Hood (21/09/2011)
    An average year used to involve me heading to the Vic for 12 or 14 hours at least 200 times. This year it might have only happened 8 times.
  • Could Have Been Moore (09/08/2011)
    They say the day you bust out of the $10,000 Main Event at the WSOP is always the worst day of the year for any poker player.
  • Who's the Boss? (01/08/2011)
    In 1997, the year of my first WSOP, I had a job. There was only one reason I had a job. I needed to get money.
  • No Novocaine; It Dulls the Senses (20/06/2011)
  • Different Strokes (09/05/2011)
    I was just about to start playing poker. I was planning to play poker for stakes higher than I've played this year, for 48-hours. Now all I wanted to do was get on the Internet and read about the FBI and the end of poker as we know it.
  • All Horse Players Die Broke (19/04/2011)
    I did play a little poker in the last few months, but not as much as has become ‘normal’ in the last five years.
  • All Let Us Rejoice (03/03/2011)
    I loved Australia this year. It's been a bit weird being back home, which is partly why this blog has taken a while, but the company out there was great. I really enjoyed staying in the flats and the trip to Sydney made it more like a holiday.
  • Toe Punt (07/02/2011)
    It's my strong assertion that those that can beat online cash games will do just fine in live tournaments. We went to Australia to test my hypothesis.
  • A Better Place to Play (06/01/2011)
    For this year, obviously I hope to win a bracelet and, from a poker point of view, that will be my top priority.
  • Farewell Tour (24/12/2010)
    Earlier this year, I made the conscious decision not to play so many smaller provincial tournaments.
  • Euro Sceptic (22/11/2010)
    People often ask me why I don't play more EPTs. Like a lot of questions I get asked, there is usually a really long answer. They probably wish they'd never bothered asking.
  • Quarter Horse (29/10/2010)
    In the world of Internet poker, it is considered to be morally and ethically OK to blind someone out of a heads-up match if they disconnect or are sat out. Maybe they don't realise that you have started, they forgot they'd registered or they are asleep
  • And the Winner Is... (11/10/2010)
    What you need to make a good poker game, is a few different variables. A few short stacks, some much bigger ones, a couple of rocks, a loose goose and maybe a little light steaming. You don't really need to have lots of bad players, but it obviously helps.
  • Really Late Night Poker (20/09/2010)
    A friend of mine said he could get me in the first series. Sadly, I never got to play Late Night Poker.
  • Yellow Jersey (31/08/2010)
    When John Duthie told me about his idea to start up the European Poker Tour (EP) I wasn't particularly excited.
  • Freezeout (10/08/2010)
    In past years I've rushed back from Vegas and got straight into playing. It's difficult.
  • Pony (26/07/2010)
    Paying $25,000 to play one poker tournament may seem quite crazy. A lot of people were saying that the six-max event would be the sickest (that's ‘toughest’ for the over 35s out there), line-up of the Series.
  • Pain (08/07/2010)
    I used to sit at the table with Mike Ellis quite often. When he first started coming to the Vic I thought him a tremendous luckbox who obviously had too much money.
  • Adapting (05/07/2010)
  • Laddering (16/06/2010)
    I’ve known Praz Bansi for a few years now, and, even during the rare spells where he isn’t making final tables for fun, I’ve always respected him as one of the UK’s top players.
  • Longer Lasting (09/06/2010)
    Last year I flew to Vegas thinking I'd have just a couple of weeks of concentrating 100 percent on me. I could eat, sleep, swim, relax and play poker just when I wanted. I knew though, that after a couple of weeks, my focus would be changing completely.
  • No Time for Lounging (24/05/2010)
  • Bust (10/05/2010)
    Conscious of the fact that recent diaries may have not been, in my mind, “up to scratch”, I just looked back at last year’s Monte Carlo diary.
  • One Wedding & a Funeral (19/04/2010)
    The Irish Open wasn't quite so annoying and frustrating as last year. I didn't win it. I didn't even get my hands on a penny of the prize money.
  • That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore (08/04/2010)
    In my opinion, if a joke is good it’s worth repeating at least six or eight times. I’m an enormous fan of recurring jokes and in-jokes. The ‘clubbiness’ is one thing I really like about the Vic, but the jokes that come back again and again always amuse.
  • War Is Declared (25/03/2010)
    Since I became a businessman who plays some poker instead of just a poker player, I'm always involved in meetings. Before I used to quite like talking, but now I do nothing but look at my diary and schedule a meeting for this and a meeting for that.
  • I Need at Least an Hour for Lunch (11/03/2010)
  • I Met a Strange Lady (08/02/2010)
    I was quite deep into the $1,000 No Limit Hold’em rebuy tournament when I received a text from Marty Smyth.
  • Jonty Rhodes (25/01/2010)
    In a recent thread on the ever-popular Two Plus Two forum, my good friend Andy Ward made a case for the utterly intangible and totally subjective hypothesis that I am the best all round poker player in the UK.
  • No More Champagne (04/01/2010)
    Just in case you are in need of a good New Year’s Resolution and can’t think of one, I have the perfect thing. It’s obvious and it’s related to gambling. It’s just such a good thing to do.
  • Away from Home (14/12/2009)
    There are kinda two tour circuits if you’re a British professional poker player, and there are also kinda two types of player.
  • Sick Dog (19/11/2009)
    I was thinking about it on the plane. It could be as much as my 40th trip to Vegas, but it was definitely the only one where I wasn’t really setting out with the intention of gambling.
  • I Was Robbed (09/11/2009)
    If I was the sort of person who only judges things by the total winnings accrued in poker tournaments, I might come to the conclusion that I've not had quite as good a 2009 as I had 2008.
  • What Is It You Actually Do for A Living? (29/10/2009)
    When I was at school the careers department made you fill out a detailed questionnaire. It turned out I would make a good actuary.
  • The Desperate Hours (20/10/2009)
    Preparation is so important when going into a big tournament. If you're well rested, you've dealt with all those little interruptions that real life can throw at you, you've done exercise to get those endorphins flowing, and you've eaten enough so that you're not starving hungry, but not a heavy amount that will leave you sleepy and listless, then you'll definitely have a better time in the event.
  • Dreams (02/10/2009)
    I’ve had a few vivid dreams lately. The other morning I woke up early in a slight panic. I’d been dreaming that the bad beat story that Devilfish was telling me was so long that I was forced to go to the Gents even though I didn’t need to.
  • Lost Weeks (09/09/2009)
    If you're sat in a bar and you're really getting on it, drinking not to enjoy a social evening, but simply to get drunk, the barman is supposed to inform you that you've had enough and that he won't be serving you any more.
  • Moving On (03/08/2009)
    So I’ve been back from Vegas a couple of weeks now and it’s fine. I don’t get too much jetlag anymore. I just had about 5 or 6 days of sleeping 14 hours, of waking at 5pm, of feeling groggy, lethargic and listless for a few hours and then having: “just a little nap”, which would end at 11pm.
  • Lost (24/07/2009)
    Will I really be doing this for the next twenty years?
  • Shot Down (20/07/2009)
    Im not sure exactly what I'd have done with each of the player's first hands in the $5000 shootout tournament.
  • Father Goose (06/07/2009)
    The whole focus of my trip changed on the 15th June. That was the day that Black Belt Poker's Brown Belt players arrived in town.
  • Wrist Wear (29/06/2009)
  • Mini-Cash (15/06/2009)
    I'd been debating in my head whether to pay $40k to play one tournament for months now. Some people were predicting three, four or five hundred players in this one.
  • Difficult Calls (04/06/2009)
    In the end I was pretty pleased to get away from Monte Carlo. Back in London though, I barely got a chance to play poker.
  • Under Pressure (01/05/2009)
    I always used to put a lot of pressure on myself when playing poker tournaments. If you play online you might play ten or twenty in a day, but I used to often just play twenty in a year.
  • Tying Things Up (06/04/2009)
    I'd always swapped pieces with people in tournaments. For a few years now I'd bought little slices of people's action. It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I started to back anyone full-time, so that all their tournament poker was funded by me. It started with one guy, and even RiverDave thought the whole idea was slightly crazy.
  • Dinner Time (10/03/2009)
    Every year, after my long summer trip to Vegas, I return with jet-lag. Worse than that though, I suffer torpor, a sense of sluggishness, I'm sleepy, and the last thing I want to be doing is playing poker.
  • Heroes (11/02/2009)
    I can think of better ways to practice than by getting annihilated by some kid who didn't look old enough to be there.
  • Living is Easy (02/02/2009)
    Generally I'm an enormous fan of poker bloggers. The reporters who follow the tour round from casino to casino giving updates on chip stacks and colourful reports on the day's activities are an integral part of the whole circus now. I try to be helpful with my chip counts, and to point out things I've noticed that might be interesting for them, and there are a few who I'm always really pleased to see. I do have a pet peeve though, and that's when the reporters start to add too many opinions on people's strategy, and generally comment on how they think the game should be played.
  • A Sick Man (22/01/2009)
    On the plane back from Galway it looked like they'd had plenty of snow in the areas around London. As I was walking back from the gym on a recent Sunday morning, hands thrust into my pockets to avoid the cold, I congratulated myself. A couple of months of regular swimming, eating healthily and walking, had obviously convinced any passing germs that they weren't gonna get much joy here.
  • Small Holding (12/01/2009)
  • Nightswimming (18/12/2008)
    One of the things I resolved to focus on in 2008 was to organise myself better. I was aware throughout last year that I was getting increasingly busy and that it was becoming difficult to focus on my primary activity: playing poker. I was distracted by poker training, writing articles, commentating, poker betting and the staking of players and all of these things seemed to encourage enormous amounts of extra phone calls, meetings, emails and long conversations. I was able to figure out that by better structuring my time I could still do all these things, but if I let things drift it would become impossible.
  • Master of None (05/12/2008)
    I'm often amused by the reaction I get from fellow players when I sit in a game that isn't hold'em. For years we used to play pot-limit hold'em in London and on the rare occasions that I would play no-limit, and the even rarer ones when I won, other players would often show surprise that I'd managed this tough adjustment.
  • Top Ranking (21/11/2008)
    I just looked through my diary and counted. I have played twenty-one tournaments that carried European ranking points this year. After I got back from Ireland I started to map out a campaign.
  • Back Down to Earth (03/11/2008)
    My diary for that week reveals some rather hairy swings in the cash games, eventually resulting in a healthy profit, news of which hasn't, until now, featured in print.
  • Army Manoeuvres (22/10/2008)
  • The Empire Strikes Back (14/10/2008)
    If anyone decided to employ a private detective to follow me, that private detective would soon prove themselves to be totally lacking in initiative if they didn't simply doss around on the sofa all day before sending off the odd report to their client describing how I went to the Vic at about 4pm and got home around 5.30am.
  • A Short Break (17/09/2008)
  • I am a Rock (16/07/2008)
  • Dedication (08/07/2008)
  • Scoring's for Show (30/06/2008)
  • Mum's the World (23/06/2008)
  • Solid Platform (11/06/2008)
  • To the Brave and the Faithful Nothing is Impossible (05/06/2008)
  • Dead Beat (14/05/2008)
    Luckily Monte Carlo came along to remind me how incredibly stupid and annoying tournaments are, before I started to get at all carried away.
  • Breaking the Bank (30/04/2008)
    Despite the lack of obvious sleep, I bowled over toward my EPT Grand Final starting table with massive enthusiasm. I was still enjoying receiving the plaudits from virtually everyone I came across who hadn't seen me since Dublin, and if I got bored of that, for even a second, I could soon tune in again to a fresh person telling me how brilliantly I was playing and how they'd seen it coming for ages.
  • Monte Cardiff (22/04/2008)
    After a week of being The Irish Open Champion I was totally knackered
  • Fool's Gold (01/04/2008)
    Anyone who plays tournaments long enough will eventually win some championship or other. Then three years will go by - you'll win nothing, lose all your money - and suddenly all you've got left is the delusion that you are a champion.
  • Brain Damage (25/03/2008)
    Virtually every month or so another bright young kid starts playing regularly, and winning, in the games in The Vic. Often these guys are students, and the thought of them skiving off from their valuable drinking time to gamble makes me nostalgic for my own college days.
  • Otherwise Engaged (27/02/2008)
    Of course, they'll be a lot more of this now the recession is starting to kick-in
  • Full House (29/01/2008)
    Here was I being given a chance to play in ten great tournaments, to compete for a million pounds in prize money and to have a free shot at gaining titles, exposure, money - free fun basically.
  • I Could Have Been Someone (09/01/2008)
  • Another Year Over (19/12/2007)
    All that looking back on what you've achieved, being forced to go out and enjoy yourself, getting drunk with a lot of people who hardly ever leave the house ordinarily, and all those chances to measure your success at The Game of Life.
  • Punch Drunk (12/12/2007)
    The Grosvenor Poker Tour was pretty hard-work for someone who's generally averse to that concept. For eleven months I schlepped around the poker hotspots of England taking in glamour destinations like Walsall, Manchester, Bolton and Blackpool. I even trudged to Luton.
  • Home Win (05/12/2007)
    It's vitally important, as a professional gambler, to keep records. I've always been a stickler, throughout my "career", for writing lots of things on bits of paper. Much of the information has often proved useful, even years later.
  • Aurora Borealis (28/11/2007)
    There were only going to be a couple of quiet days at home between Bristol and Blackpool. They weren't exactly quiet either.
  • Twin Peaks (13/11/2007)
    I was quite enjoying whinging on about my bad luck and miserable run and didn't want to clutter up the story with any mentions of fleeting success. Just for completeness, and to remind the sponsors how great I am, I'll mention it now though.
  • Losses (26/10/2007)
    With both the number of EPT tournaments and the entry fee for each one rising this year, I had been planning to only play two or three events
  • Ghosts at the Table Review (05/10/2007)
    When Des told me he was writing another book I was keen to read it and some preview chapters of "Ghosts at the Table" arrived a few months ago
  • Back to the Day Job (26/09/2007)
  • It ain't Natural (10/09/2007)
    When I was a kid I wanted to be a ticket tout. That was just about my only career wish apart from on-course bookmaker or actor. I decided to keep this a secret from the careers advisor as it didn't seem as respectable as the other two.
  • Alchemy (21/08/2007)
    People who play poker tournaments quite commonly trade percentages of their action
  • Auf Wiedersehen (25/07/2007)
  • Doing it Right (19/07/2007)
  • Days (08/07/2007)
    Article by Neil Channing about hist experience in World Series of Poker 2007.
  • I Should be Shot Like a Dog (02/07/2007)
    It's now eighteen years since I first came to Vegas. I haven’t missed a year since that first one and sometimes I've come here as many as four times in twelve months.
  • Turnaround (22/06/2007)
  • Through the Round Window (18/06/2007)
  • Cardiographic (13/06/2007)
    Neil Channing writes about his experience in WSOP 2007
  • Uncertain Feeling (23/05/2007)
    It was with happy thoughts of fun times past that I planned for a nice weekend in Brighton for the 5th Leg of The Grosvenor Poker Tour
  • Strangeways Here We Come (24/04/2007)
  • Celtic Swing (11/04/2007)
    Poker Article by Neil Channing.
  • Not Too Deep in the Valley (28/03/2007)
  • The Power of Positive Thinking (28/02/2007)
  • Middle of the Road (21/02/2007)
    The boys in the Vic have been getting all excited about the Grosvenor Poker Tour. There's been a lot of talk about who's playing well and who fancies it. With all the events going to four days and looking likely to sell out, a nice six figure prize is everyone's dream.
  • Work Experience (09/02/2007)
    After having such a fun time in Bolton, I got all enthusiastic about tournaments and immediately broke my New Year's resolution. I went to Luton.
  • I Got Moves (17/01/2007)
    A New Year and a new sponsor. I never did win a big one for so maybe the PokerVerdict lucky red (1970s Arsenal style) shirts might work better.
  • Something in the Water (01/11/2006)
    Neil Channing article about poker "Something in the Water". European Poker Tour.
  • Taking a Bath (16/10/2006)
    A Neil Channing "Bad Beat" article "Taking a Bath". His oppinion and impressions.
  • Queen Victoria (02/10/2006)
    Poker article by Neil Channing. How Vicky Coren won £500,000 EPT main event.
  • Unlucky for Some (27/09/2006)
    Neil Channing poker article Unlucky for Some
  • Home Again (25/09/2006)
    Neil Channing Article Home Again
  • Last Harrah (15/08/2006)
  • Ducked Out (09/08/2006)
  • The Elephant's Graveyard (03/08/2006)
  • If you are gonna cheat, cheat well (30/07/2006)
  • World Class (24/07/2006)
  • Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (20/07/2006)
  • Countdown to Bilko (15/07/2006)
  • My Time of Day (10/07/2006)
  • Still No Bling Wrist Attachments (05/07/2006)
  • Straight Into Action - Event #2 $1500 NLH (30/06/2006)
  • Swimming With The Devilfish - A Review (14/06/2006)
  • Easter Egg (Dublin - Part Two) (24/04/2006)
  • Top of the Morning (Dublin - Part One) (19/04/2006)
  • I Finally Made a Final (29/03/2006)
  • There's No Place Like the Vic (22/03/2006)
  • Plenty of Time to Relax (01/03/2006)
  • No Tart for Me (01/12/2005)
  • Squeezed Out (01/12/2005)
  • The Biggest Spin-Up Ever (01/12/2005)
  • Same Old Faces – Deauville Part I (01/12/2005)
  • C’est Lavie – Deauville Part II (01/12/2005)
  • High Noon - Always popular for a Shoot-Out (10/05/2004)