Gala Casinos Poker Tour 2008 Grand Final - Bristol Day 3 Final

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GCBPT Season 2 is wrapped up

A few more photos and an interview with the winner Alan Vinson – congratulations to him – to follow but for the live coverage that’s it for this year. Thanks to all the staff/dealers at Gala for their hospitality and help throughout the tour.

An All-in!

Blinds: 20000/40000 Antes: 4000

Alan Vinson raises to 90k OTB Rob Akery calls.

The flop: J T 2

Rob Akery checks, Alan Vinson c-bets 80k. Rob Akery thinks for a while and announces raise. The moment Rob Akery’s chips are over the line (about 300k) Alan Vinson announces that he’s “all-lin”. Rob Akery makes the call. He has to win this hand to stay in the tournament…

Rob Akery: Q 9

Alan Vinson: J 6

The turn: 6

If the river is not a King or an 8, Alan Vinson is the Gala Casino Grand Champion 2008

The river:


Alan Vinson is the Gala Casino Grand Champion 2008. He wins the 1st prize of £83,000 and a seat at the 2009 WSOP.

Rob ‘Vaga Lion’ Akery finishes in 2nd place for the 2nd year running! He takes home £52,000 and a seat at the Aussie Million tournament in Melbourne January 2009

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Alan Vinson
on 8/12/08
Alan Vinson

Alan Vinson (right) vs Rob Akery (left)
on 8/12/08
Alan Vinson (right) vs Rob Akery (left)

Latest In Focus Chip Counts

Remaining players: 2

Place Player
Chip Count
1 Alan Vinson 120,000 -2,530,000 Down
2 Rob Akery 0 -1,150,000 Down
3 Richard Haile 0 -246,000 Down
4 Sze-Ching Ngui 0 -563,000 Down
5 Dave Colclough 0 -276,000 Down
6 David Maudlin 0 -140,000 Down
7 Michael Punn 0 -144,000 Down
8 Mike Fletcher 0 -138,000 Down
9 Hieu Tran 0 -137,000 Down
10 Alexandre Dreyfus 0 Non-mover

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