Christian Zetzsche

  • CPT 2013 - A Poker Work Trip into Paradise (09/12/2013)
    Usually people pick destinations such as the Caribbean for their yearly winter holidays to escape the cold gripe that is slowly taking over in Europe. Now imagine you get asked to actually do what you enjoy and work at a poker event in Punta Cana and St Maarten?
  • Fun in the Sun - the Caribbean Poker Tour is Calling (28/10/2013)
    In November the rain slowly turns into snow and it is getting dark by far earlier, not really motivating for a grind at the poker tables when you look outside of the window.
  • Ka-Ching for the Chingster (23/09/2013)
    When everything kicked off with a rather harmless Facebook post that barely caught any attention due to being disguised nicely in a huge understatement, it came as no surprise as this fits perfectly to his style.
  • ISPT Wembley 2013 - The Million Euro baby?! (13/06/2013)
    To most the idea of hosting a major poker tournament in the Wembley Stadium does sound like the script of a Hollywood movie.
  • EPT Berlin 2013 - the third time is a charm for Daniel Pidun (20/05/2013)
    It indeed turned into the second biggest ever EPT Germany with 912 runners and more than 2500 players in total for the Poker Festival, much to the delight of the Spielbank Berlin as host, PokerStars as sponsor and the EPT team.
  • How much do you really win at poker? (30/04/2013)
    Besides some super rich businessmen, who would have the bankroll anyways to play such a tournament completely on their own?
  • Rozvadov is Always Worth a Poker Trip (26/03/2013)
    So far I have been invited about 10-15 times to visit the King's Casino in Rozvadov, a little town in Czech Republic pretty much next to the border to Germany.
  • WPT Baden (04/03/2013)
    At first I was disappointed not to make it to Brussels for the first WPT stop on Belgian soil because quite a few familiar faces and friends were participating there, but I didn't mind the little break to take of things at home after the recent business to London either.
  • Mega Poker Series (28/01/2013)
    It is becoming more and more difficult to get a unique live poker tournament format running these days because the quality itself has increased a lot over the last few years.
  • Deep Stack Poker Events - the Beauty and the Beast (25/09/2012)
    The debate "quality versus quantity" has always been a part of the highly competitive human nature and the principle is no different for (online) poker either.
  • Always be Kind to Body and Mind (30/08/2012)
    Some people say "the average poker player is almost as lazy as a Koala bear" and this statement might be correct to a certain degree, yet also overly sarcastic.
  • Online and Live Poker Drifting Away? (25/07/2012)
    Whereas the online boom is almost gone and requires new formats and concepts to attract new players in order to help over declining numbers in general, live poker is gaining more and more popularity with various tournament series available all over the world.