Making a Name for Yourself

Unknown Poker PlayerBy The Unknown Poker Player

People are all the times asking me how come is it that the world’s most famous poker player is name ‘The Unknown Poker Player’ Well, it’s like they call the bald fellow ‘Curly’ or the stupid one ‘The Brains’. It’s ironical.

There was a saying in my village: ‘If you can no fight, better you should wear a silly hat’ and in poker we say: ‘maybe you no play good but when you have the good nickname you are already seem like good player’.

Some I don’t really understand why they call them that. For example: ‘Jan the Bog Roll’. Who is gonna sponsor him? Maybe he should team up with that one who calls himself ‘The Gentleman’s’.

Then there is this fellow named Brat who calls himself ‘Fill Hell Mouth’. I know a lot of people wish his mouth sometimes fill! He never seem to win anything but is nearly so famous like me. Has to be the name, isn’t it?

Now there is another one, ‘Mike the Mouth’, if ever there was a mouth you didn’t need to mike, it has to be his. No? So that is again the ironical name, like mine. This kind is the best.

Of course, you needs to find the one thing special about you and call you that so everyone can remember. So, one fellow have many fossils and call himself ‘Fossil Man’. This name worked very well for him, better than it did for Michael Arnold.

Then one guy called Mike Magee said ‘I know, I call myself ‘The Man’. So, that is his special thing.

John is a very boring name, but if you come from somewhere you can name yourself after the place. So you can be ‘Miami John’, ‘Burnley John’, any John if no body else already took the place. This was OK until John Hennigan spoil it for everyone by calling himself ‘World Johnny’. Now is only left the other planets.

Of course, there are some way’s around it. There is a very well known player from North of Ireland who call himself ‘Orange man’ His name is Johnny Chan, which sound more like Catholic name to me.

Maybe there is no thing interesting about you or where you come, from but you need a name. No problem, you put something funny on your head. So, one fellow from Australia he put a crocodile on his head and he call himself ‘Billy the Crocodile’, then one Welsh fellow has paint his head yellow and now he is ‘El Yellow Head’

The most popular name is always the animals. So, we have Peter the Fox, Keith the Camel, Mickey the Worm, Devil the Fish, Horse the Ram, Barney the Dinosaur, Joe the Beavers and Nicky the Cats. You can see that all the best ones are already been taken, but every day new animals are discovered. And of course you can use the name of your pet cat or your neighbour’s dog.

So now I am thinking, what’s about a competition to find the best new name for any player. You can put ideas on the forum (many as you like) and I will choose the best one for a special prize: A signed picture of me, and something else too. Good luck. Make a name for yourself.