Mob Poker Trumps

We are pleased to announce the launch of Mob Poker Trumps based on the original card game. The Trumps card games were conceived in 1977 and became incredibly popular until the craze began to fizzle out in the mid-1980s. Now a new version of the old favourite is born.

Since 1999 the game has been so successfully re-launched that five million packs are now sold annually in the UK – that’s one pack every six seconds.

Mob Poker TrumpsUsing regularly updated stats from the Hendon Mob Poker Database, Mob Poker Trumps offers players the chance to challenge their friends to a game live online or to play our computer AI. If you are playing another person you will be able to chat to them in the private chat window which will appear. We haven’t, unfortunately, taught the Mob computer AI to chat yet.

We currently have one deck in use, ‘World Poker Stars’, featuring 40 of the best known poker players from around the world. Each card has 6 different statistics for each player. The top five are all taken from the database and the sixth, ‘Tilt’, has an arbitrary figure from 0-100 allocated by the Mob. Popularity is the number of times that players profile has been viewed in the Mob Database in the last 7 days.

There are plans for more packs, Full Tilt Pros, Female Poker Players, and Late Night Poker Stars – in fact we are open to any sensible suggestions or requests. There are even plans in the pipeline for the WSOMPT (World Series of Online Mob Poker Trumps).

The card game is obviously just for fun but the chat window gives endless opportunities. In fact one well known Mobster is reported to have lost a six figure sum already!

The Mob Poker Trumps are also available in a PDF format as well so that you can download them and cut them out for those long transatlantic flights to the real WSOP in Vegas.

Beware it is VERY addictive…

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